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Online Mixing and Mastering Service

Whenever you order any of our mixing and mastering packages (starting at £119) 2 mix revisions are always included in the price and you can send any reference mix for us to match. You can also upload or download audio files and send messages directly to our team with your mix notes, using our easy-to-use web platform within your IvanZora.com account. Audio mixing and mastering orders are delivered within 7-10 business days as standard or, for those in a hurry, we also have a rush service if you require your mix in 2 business days.

Online Mastering Only Service

Unlike other online mastering services that use automated software, we provide real mastering engineers with a wealth of experience and refined musical tastes. We have some of the most sought-after audio mastering equipment including the revered Manley Vari-Mu, Manley Massive Passive, IGS Rubber Bands, and Apogee converters, amongst many others.

Music Production Service

Whether you want a Remix for your song (based on your original material) or you need your song professionally produced from scratch, here at IvanZora.com we have the talent, resources and expertise deliver the exact sound you have in mind. The combined experience of our team spans from electronic music production to classical music orchestration. Our styles include: Pop, Rock, EDM, Latin, House/Techno, Jazz/Soul/R&B, Experimental, Ambient Film/TV/Web, Advertising and Sound Design.